Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday night brain food

Really quickly, I just wanted to post some photos from dinner tonight. I decided to cook the collard greens from my Boston Organics delivery last week. I prepared them according to how my mom always did--cut out the stem, then roll them like a cigar and cut them into smaller bits.

I sautéed/steamed them for almost 45 minutes with onions, spices and vegetable broth (my mom uses chicken broth, which admittedly adds more flavor). Collard greens tend to turn a not-so-pretty color when they're cooked, but they maintain their rich chlorophyl-liscious flavor.

I paired them with Annie's organic macaroni and cheese, and my boyfriend literally licked his bowl (there are pictures to prove it).

So delicious!

Step one: cutting out the stems of all the greens.

Cutting the greens into smaller strips.

I loaded the pan pretty full with greens and some
onions--the greens cook down a lot.

Not quite as pretty once cooked, but yummy.

My guinea pig for all my recipes.

Yes, he licked the bowl (and the pan).

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